Watch This Space

I must confess: I have been completely remiss about creating new blog content for this web site. A look at the calendar shows that 64 days have passed since my last entry. Shameful.

There are excuses I could make, to be sure. Those of you who know me well understand that I have pretty big move sometime in my future (hint, hint). I won’t presume to speak for others who undertake such feats, but it is a little like a wedding. All of your thoughts and energy are bent toward a single day; most of the last two months have been devoted to tying up loose ends and making sure that everything is in its place and that there is a place for everything.

That said, I plan to re-dedicate myself to this web site, this blog especially, and endeavor to share my latest adventures. To quote a not-so-great man, I hope to offer “more detail than you’ll probably ever want.”

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